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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Another Reason to Rethink Immigration Laws

They met in Kosovo. He was working for the U.N. on a peacekeeping mission. She was working as an interpreter. Later they married, and she promised to raise his son as her own.

Then in September, while training security forces, Todd Engstrom lost his life in Northern Iraq. Because he and his wife, Diana, has been married less than two years, and he was a civilian serving on a contract basis, she could be deported. And without another blood relative U.S. citizen, she might be.

Superstar Senator Barack Obama, D, Il., and foot in his mouth Senator Dick Durbin, D, Il., have both put forth legislation that could see Diana Engstrom stay in the States. While Obama has made a good point that we should not make special legislation based solely on one person, like I believe Florida tried, this case is obviously much different.

There's also another consideration, Engstrom's 12 year old son. First the loss of his father and now possibly his step-mother, who he is very close to.

I have said before that we have laws in this country for a reason, but when a law is so obviously misguided, it needs to be looked at. That's the real reason we vote our lawmakers in or out.


Anonymous starrynigt24 said...

Interesting...that poor little boy has been through enough with the loss of his father. They shouldn't take away his step mother to. Why can't they let her become a citizen so she can stay and finish raising her step son. I know we have laws for a reason, but sometimes I don't think much thought was put into them.

5:38 PM


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