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Sunday, May 08, 2005


I found this flyer at a local laundry mat...

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I guess the loving, same sex, couple is only loving of a Caucasian baby! I'm glad that confidentiality is assured because this premise is absurd.

Why does it seem that the very people who cry for acceptance and tolerance are the one's most likely to be closed minded? This couple would probably be the first in line if gay marriage was available, but to complete their family, a white baby needs to do the trick. Total hypocrisy.

And in a related story

An Alternative High School in Tompkins County has allowed a "club" for minorities. Now what's wrong with that? Well, any white kids who want to participate are not allowed to. And to make matters worse, a girl decided to form her own "club" for her fellow white kids at the school. She wasn't allowed to, and was threatened with expulsion. Hmmm, for doing the same thing as the other classmates?

Tolerance is supposed to be accepting of one's beliefs without judgment. These two cases show we are a long way from true tolerance. In fact, most people seem to enjoy living in their hypocritical bubble.


Blogger TaraMetBlog said...

you took the flyer? Now they will never find a caucasian baby!

2:07 PM

Blogger panthergirl said...

I do take issue with the "most people" assertion. In fact, most of the same sex couples that I know PERSONALLY have adopted mixed race babies, or even older children, that the so-called "Right to Lifers" are not exactly lining up to rescue.

You want to talk hypocrisy? How about the people who cry "Adoption is the Option" and don't adopt any children themselves?

As far as minority clubs go, white people have had their "club" long enough, don't you think?

5:36 PM

Anonymous Alois said...

I would just like to add my two cents. I am mixed race (Swiss and Jamaican) and my soon to be wife is Korean. So we plan on having mixed kids. My wife is adopted. Into a white family.
One thing we noticed is that alot of people are adopting. The problem is, if the children are not white, they are asian. I always say. What about black kids?!!! I have my own ideas.

7:09 PM

Blogger Red Mum said...

Concuring with panthergirl, a white setting up a white club stinks of something else altogether. what the student was doing was a far cry from being the same as those who were setting up minority groups!

7:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As far as the adoption vs. gay marriage issue goes, I see a few discrepancies in your argumentation.

1) Adoption of a child is a PERSONAL choice to be made by the parents. Some parents may choose to adopt a child of a certain race so that the child could look as if it could genetically be theirs. The real reason--racist or not--we cannot know, as we do not know the couple.

2) Gay marriage--or lack there of at this point--is something completely different. The decision in some states etc to deny marriage to gay couples is an institutionalized oppression, not a personal decision.

11:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a Huge problem with you referring to gay people as the very people who "cry" for acceptance and tolerance. Cry? You need to re-examine that.

Continuning with your thought you say they are the ones most likely to be "close minded". Close Minded? Again, you should re-think this.

Gay people are not crying for simple right they should be afforded and they are not the most likely to be close minded. They are quite the opposite. Almost too much actually.

Close minded is when someone immediately passes judgement on a person, persons or an entire group of people the minute they find something to use against them for the sake of their own prejiduce.

Any of this sound familar?

3:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have an issue with ALL of this! I have been on a very liberal campus for a few years now. With college campuses come people with different views and beliefs - FINE. This is all fine. However, I am heterosexual and I do not make out with people in public on campus or flaunt my hetrosexuality. HOWEVER most of the homosexual people on campus do. It is their right to be homosexual but do they have to make out with one another in public? Do they have to act so "flamming" (as much of them refer to themselves as?)? I do not think so. What about Christians? Many of the homosexual people on campus are "open minded" - free speach and freedom for all but when I said I was a republican who voted for Bush they made fun of me. I wasn't allowed to have my own opinion. I go to a Catholic church - I MUST be closed minded to these people or at least many of the homosexuals I have run into contact with believe that before they even know me. Is this open minded? What about fair?
As far as Gays "crying" out for help - I believe gays do, do this. The defition (as per says "to call out loudly" or "To demand or require immediate action or remedy" is a far statement. At least in this liberal town homosexuals are the first ones out there on April 1 or "gaypril" (as the homosexuals call it). They are demanding action and calling out loudly for support for their 'cause.'
As far as "closed minded" goes this flier seems as though the couple is closed minded - the defintion states "not ready to receive to new ideas" - this couple does not seem ready to accept new ideas. There are more babies out there then just white babies that need adoption. . .

6:11 PM

Anonymous skibster7 said...

Hi Brian,
While I'm positive that one mother and and one father is the BEST option for any child, the fact is that there are thousands of unadopted children who have neither.

And even if the parents are same sex partners, the child most likely will be loved-- which, in my opinion, is most important because of the circumstances. Children NEED to be loved. And when it comes to making a mistake in this area, it would be better to err on the side of love than to deny a child the RIGHT to be loved, regardless of the parents' sexual preferences.

I'm not in support of gay marriage because I don't believe that the union of two people of same gender equals marriage. Marriage throughout cultures and history is defined as man and woman.

Now, regarding their choice of a Caucasian child, I do see the irony in this and understand why you would be surprised and even question the whole hypocrisy of one group's plea for "tolerance" Hmmmmm.

However, when it comes right down to it, adoption is a pretty big deal and I don't think that just because someone chooses the ethnicity of a child it necessarily makes them a racist.

Maybe they already have enough on their plate as far as being questioned about their same-sex partnership, or their struggle to understand other ethnic cultures, etc.

Or, maybe they ARE racist!


They may just prefer a child in their same ethnic group. I don't see that as racist, any more than the fact that there are black churches, white churches, latino churches, etc... It's when someone says, NO ENTRANCE to another group that problems start.

But choosing your friends/children by what you are familiar with is not RACIST, it's NORMAL.

Needless to say, a posted want-ad is probably not the way to find a reliable adoption of any ethnic origin.

Another possibility is that there may be fewer caucasian children to adopt than African-American or Latino/Hispanic children.

12:44 AM


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