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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Racist Preschool?

Dallas, TX

A parent of a local preschooler is asking the preschool to change it's logo. Why? Because she insists the logo is racist because it's features a Caucasian child.

Leslie Moore, a teacher in McKinley, Texas, believes the logo (below) is sending the wrong message. She believes the logo implies that all other races are inferior to whites. Even though the school has printed bags and even letterhead with the logo, the leaders of the school say they will meet with Moore to discuss changing the logo.

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This is clearly another example of the "PC" movement going way out of control. Wasting a schools time, and money, because one parent feels a logo is implying a secret message is absurd. Time and money that could be spent on the actual kids attending.

It's time for people to grow up. Stop looking for hidden agendas to try and support your wacky views. I think it's more important to worry about the learning the kids are doing, than the logo out on the front lawn.

No word from Moore on whether the logo is also sexist. As it does feature a little girl....


Anonymous starrynigt24 said...

She probably won't say it's sexist cause she probably has a little But I agree on your whole point. Why don't they use the money they are probably gonna waste on changing the logo and use it for activities in the schools. When each year the budgets keep getting cut.

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