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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

New Era

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White smoke. Ringing bells. Cheers from tens of thousands.

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, of Germany, walked out today as the new Pope of the Catholic Church. Former right-hand man to Pope John Paul II, Ratzinger begins his new roll in the church as Pope Benedict XVI.

Many wonder how this new Pope will guide the church. In some ways there will be little difference compared to John Paul, as the two were very close. He is known as a hard-liner, strictly adhering to conservative principles. Including the current stance on homosexuals and birth control. He has upset some in the past by saying that Jesus is the only way to salvation, that other Christian faiths have fallen away from Christ, and saying no to women serving as priests.

From Behind a Large Shadow

Whatever the outcome of the new Pope, one thing is clear. He takes over the church trying to fill the large shoes that Pope John Paul II leaves behind. No doubt he will have a strong influence on the direction of the church. As it grows all over the world, he will have to guide the faithful. With grace and humility he asked today for Catholics to pray for him. I'm sure they are.

With all of the loud cheers today, Pope Benedict, which means "blessed", will be starting out on a high point.


Anonymous Seva said...

I guess some people aren't gonna like him that much because of his past, although he might not have wanted to join the Hitler Youth...but still it's not too good to have someone represent christianity who fought for the aryan nation.

7:51 AM

Blogger Miss Sara said...

My coworker today said she didn't like the new pope because he's not very good looking. :) She thought that John Paul II looked like a nice old man, but the new one looks a little creepy. I'm not sure that's the best criteria to judge on, but hey... ;)

2:20 PM


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