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Friday, April 01, 2005

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as i write this, the cameras of the world are focused on the top level of the Vatican waiting for the moment when the shades are drawn and the lights turned out. at that moment Pope John Paul II will have passed away from this life and leave behind a legacy truly worthy of the title "Pope of the People."

in his years as pontiff, he defied critics, built up the church, and took on the strongest of world leaders. but not with a weapon or government, he took them on with a deep belief and faith and a simple microphone.

i have believed that if it were not for his determination and integrity, the Catholic Church would have suffered more during all of the recent scandals and lack of new priests. his standing for the highest and most modest person is what has set him apart in his years as Pope.

so as the world holds it's breath, it is right to take a moment and remember a man of faith and caring. a man who took on evil empires and held babies born with A.I.D.S. a man whose Lord and Savior will be glad to welcome home.


Blogger Miss Sara said...

That was beautiful, Brian.

9:14 PM

Blogger Dutchie* said...

May he rest in peace..

5:31 PM


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