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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Batter Up

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today hearings began in Washington over the use of steroids in Baseball.

House Government Reform Committee members grilled, sometimes ridiculously, current and former players on the use of steroids and how to fix the problem facing the sport.

now there's no question that the use of steroids can be very dangerous. just look at all of the former WWF wrestlers that have died from heart attacks in the last several years. most under the age of 45.

something needs to be done. but why should the government waste time, and our money, addressing an issue Major League Baseball (MLB) looks the other way at?

and the questions the committee asked were silly. Question: why did you use steroids? Answer: to be a better player. duh. or my favorite, Question: why do you think MLB hasn't addressed this issue more? Answer: i'm not sure. i don't know. it's not for me to say. i'll tell you.


as players began breaking more and more records, seats in stadiums across the country sold out. new ball fields were being built. TV ratings have been going up. so of course the owners and League have looked the other way. when i worked in San Francisco, co-workers would fall over them selves for tickets to Pac Bell park to see if Barry Bonds would hit another homer.

now i don't care if someone wants to dope them selves up into a human time bomb, but it's the kids that look up to these guys that i worry about. regardless of talent, the competition is fierce. and steroids look like that advantage someone might need to move up the ranks.

i'm not sure the government can do anything to fix the problem. but the League and the owners can.


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