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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Woman Brought Back to Life - By The I.R.S.!

Sinking Spring, PA

it's been said that two things are certain in life, death and taxes. Toni Lausch has both.

it seems that Lausch, 47, and her husband went to apply for a car loan. the salesman returned to notify the couple that the husband qualified for the loan, but she did not, as she was "dead."

the Social Security Administrations says the mistake came from an error confusing the Cumru Township woman's social security number for someone else's who had recently passed away. they sent the Lauschs a letter informing of her reestablished status as living.

she will have to file her back taxes, but Mrs. Lausch says she doesn't mind. she just happy to be alive.

now Toni and her husband are free to pay their taxes, apply for loans, and file for returns. and the I.R.S. is still free to take it's sweet time cutting their return checks.


Blogger Miss Sara said...

I wish the IRS would decide I was dead so I didn't have to pay taxes anymore... ;)

1:53 PM


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