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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

"My Panties say I'm Waiting"

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(I'm Saving It)

in a well intended move, Yvette Thomas has created a line of underwear and t-shirts designed to tell the world (and boyfriend?) you're waiting.

Thomas is the creator of Wait Wear, and hopes that the funky designs will encourage young people to wait until marriage to have sex. and her clothing line is growing. soon it will add additional items other than panties and t-shirts. this kinda reminds me of the "Vestal Virgins" in Mel Brooks' "History of the World, PartI."

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(Traffic Control-Wait for Marriage)

the idea that waiting until one is married to engage in sex is nothing new. and i think a positive one. the clothing line is hoping remove the stigma that being a virgin is something strange and an anomaly.

but, shouldn't the point be made by the person and not the panties? by the time everyone's all hot and heavy, i wonder what effect a message on one's panties can really make?

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(Virgin is not a Bad Word)


Anonymous Blighty Blog said...

A pair of your Grandma's baggy jobs would be more effective to cool the passions surely.

6:24 AM

Blogger STAR*BRIAN said...

ha! no doubt.

9:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A pretty charm on a necklace would be more appropriate or perhaps a t-shirt that is worn OVER the panties.
However, I had a thought that perhaps the designer had in mind giving girls at slumber parties or in the gym the courage to make a statement that is tough Habout it?

10:42 PM


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