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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Microphone Alert!

she's back at it and in the headlines again.

this week wife of former presidential canidate John Kerry claimed that the 2004 election was hacked.

Teresa Heinz Kerry says that 80% of the voting machines used in the 2004 election are owned by two hard line conservatives. and, without offering any sort of proof, she went on to say that the "mother" machine could easily be hacked and turn the election in Bush's favor. she also wants to encourage Democrat's to push harder for transparency and accountability. how's this for accountability - you guys LOST.

i'm sure the conspiracy theorists eat this stuff up, but do you really think clear thinking, fair minded people buy this? and with no real scandal and out cry that "all votes should be counted", some people are still having a hard time admitting that Bush did, in fact, win. again.

could you imagine this nut running around the White House as First Lady?! they would have had to lock her up in the basement.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ummm.. i think it was found to be fact that most of the companies providing the voting machines ARE buddies of your buddy~ George no-WMDs Bush!

I'll check..


7:41 PM


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