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Monday, March 07, 2005

Blogging All the Way to the White House

Garrett M. Graff is one lucky guy.

today he becomes the first "blogger" to be granted a daily press pass with the White House. he bills his blog as a "gossip blog" about Washington D.C. Graff had little success before mainstream media helped him with his cause. USA Today, CNN, and others made some calls on his behalf. which i am sure helped him get in.

but what is a blog?

i get asked this all of the time. i usually say it's a modern "soap box".

at it's least, a blog is a place where people share comments on everything from recipes to porn to their own daily online journal.

during the 2004 Presidential campaign, it was the bloggers who Howard Dean paid off to gain press and praise. it was the bloggers who first noticed that Dick Cheney made a mistake with and it was the bloggers who brought Dan Rather's phony Bush National Guard documents to light.

blogging is a new and exciting type of journalism. so, whether it's reporting from the White House, bragging about your new ride, or detailing your daily events, we enjoy having you reading.


Blogger Dutchie* said... to read blogs!!

Hope you're doin better *B


2:01 PM

Blogger Kim Stian Ervik said...

I never heard about the story of the blogger getting access to the WhiteHouse. Very interesting and maybe about time.

4:47 AM


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