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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

College is Little More Than a Money Making Machine

we all know that a higher education can be the key to future success. but, with cost of tuition going up every year at anywhere from 8 to 15%, who's really benefiting?

high school students regularly take college courses just to be caught up when it comes time to apply. test scores need to be higher. and when they do finish college, they see their bill and wonder if it was worth it. oh, and by the way, bankruptcy is at an all time high.

college students are, in most cases, required to buy books for a specific class at outrageous prices. and forget about selling them back at a decent cost. 40% is considered really good. students pay hundreds of dollars for books they could buy, on the same subject matter, at a Barnes & Noble for a fraction of the price.

where's the money going?

college presidents, professors, and staff. a lot of college presidents earn six to seven figure incomes. now, i'm not saying a career in education shouldn't have it's rewards, but this is crazy.

crime on campus, especially hate crimes, is on the rise. students regularly do not have the room in which to live and work comfortably. and forget a place to park, if you are lucky enough to have a car. take a look at the buildings that are building the minds of the future. i know of one example where the carpet is soiled, the ceiling falling in, and the windows stained or broken. and this is a big private college.

this country talks about education all of the time and how to fix it. maybe someone should look at the cost of higher education, not just high school graduation rates. and most students end up working for a place like a Starbucks when they do graduate, with a bill they almost assuredly cannot afford.

but hey, they've got that framed piece of paper hanging on their share rental wall.


Blogger Steve said...

i've been thinking the same things that you mentioned, but i couldn't figure out how to write them down in the eloquent way that you did. i was lucky to stumble on this blog today...i will definitly be back.

9:15 PM


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