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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Oscar Buzz

all thanks to Chris Rock.

the Academy Awards is coming up, and for good or bad, this straight white guy will be watching. here's what i think...

Best Director: Clint Eastwood. probably not a best actor nod. great direction.

Best Actor: Jamie Fox. great job. Johnny Depp is the Steven Spielberg of actors. too young, too soon. maybe next time.

Best Actress: Hilary Swank. already a winner. second time too.

Best Picture: The Aviator. the kind of movie Holly wood likes.
something to look for. the 7 second delay used on Chris Rock.

should be fun.


Anonymous Todd said...

Although I loved the Aviator, I really do wish that Ray wins best picture, probably unlikely. :(

3:16 AM

Blogger Happy said...

I love what Clint Eastwood did in Mystic River. And I love him and all his Dirty Harry flicks.

Had to share...

6:31 PM

Blogger STAR*BRIAN said...

hey, at least i got 4 out of 5!


8:02 PM


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