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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tom Ridge to Home Depot

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former Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge (above) has been named to the board of directors at Home Depot.

announced last thursday, CEO Bob Nardelli felt Ridge's years of service to the country, vast global experience, and perspective would be a benefit to shareholders, as well as, Home Depot shoppers. this brings the total number of members on the board to 13.

the transition from politics to being a private citizen has always seemed odd to me. i'm sure you don't make it to Governor and on to first director of Homeland Security without knowing how to make deals and sell. i hope he does well with his new position and enjoys being out of the spotlight that is politics.

let's just hope there's no "color coded" on sale system.



Blogger Ken said...

From Home Security to Home Depot!!
Maybe he knows how to build a FENCE???

6:15 PM


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