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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Teacher Pleads "Not Guilty"

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today accused teacher Pamela Rogers' attorney pleaded not guilty at her arraignment. a trial date has been set for November 15.

Rogers(above) is accused of having a sexual relationship with one of her students, aged 13. if convicted, she could face up to 100 years in jail.

> In Related News

in Sacramento, CA, a 30 year old teaching intern was arrested for engaging in a sexual relationship with, guess what, one of her students.

according to Sacramento Police, Margaret De Barraicua and the student, 16, are believed to have been having an ongoing consensual sexual relationship for several months. including in her car, while her toddler was strapped in to the car seat in the back!

the toddler, aged 2, has been released to De Barraicua's husband and she is on paid administrated leave from the school pending the ongoing investigation.

before being an intern, De Barraicua worked in the district for about two years as a substitute teacher. interns do undergo the same background checks as regular teachers.

police do not believe De Barraicua abused any other children, seeing this as an isolated case. uh, huh. explain that to all of the other students that have been taken advantage of over the last several months. something needs to be done in order to protect these students and any others in the future. the playground shouldn't be a "pick up" spot.

home schooling is starting to sound better and better.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am really angry at all of these teachers. This really is starting to give teachers - especially females one a bad name. Adults in general need to learn their 'roles' and it is certainly NOT with someone under the age of 18. Anyone who does not have that much self control or even self respect needs to NOT be in the field of teaching anyway!
In a related story. . . .
I thought you might find this interesting. In a university that will remain nameless - education majors in their senior year get a chance to go student teaching. These majors are told that they are not to have relations with students, or their coorporating teachers! Acting in a professional manor is the number 1 thing! Now - what were to happen in a senior went out to student teach and her teaching that was assisting her was a male and they started to have a 'relationship' during the student teaching? I would assume judicial action would take place even though both parties are over the age of 18. NOW - this is a true story. A female student went to out to teach and she was with a female director who was assisting her. Both parties happened to be lesbians - what do you think happened? BINGO - they started a relationship WHILE she was student teaching - they couldn't even wait the 7 weeks until the student teaching experience was over! UNBELIEVABLE! Was anything done to these people? NO!!!!! Justice? I think not!

5:44 PM

Anonymous Todd said...

Wow, that teacher is hot :)

3:14 AM


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