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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Can you hear me now? Good.

in an era where more and more people are ditching traditional phones in favor of cell phones, the small town of Mink, LA just got phone service. for the first time!

bellsouth spent around $700,000 outfitting the small town, which comes down to about $47,000 per phone and about 30 miles of cable.

state governor Kathleen Blanco marked the moment by making the first call from Baton Rouge to 83-year-old Alma Louise Bolton monday afternoon to celebrate.

later that day Ms. Bolton's phone rang again. and wouldn't you know it, it was from a telemarketer!

can i suggest caller i.d. to the folks in Mink?!

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Blogger scottie said...

Seems like it would have been cheaper to put up a cell phone relay tower and give everyone wireless phones???

3:12 PM

Blogger STAR*BRIAN said...

so true!


3:20 PM

Blogger musicmegs said...

This is so true. Cell phone rocks!

8:58 PM


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