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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

a tax for every mile

i was reading today that drivers in california might soon be paying taxes for every mile they drive, instead of by the gallon.

on paper i'm sure this sounds good. more money to fix the budget problems in this already struggling state. but let's take a closer look.

how would you track this? a device in your car? log at the pump? and who pays for the instalation? obviously the taxes payers. nice.

what happens if i visit from out of state, do i have to pay the per mile rate or just the tax per gallon?

i'm sure california will shoot this down with the dodo, i know i wouldn't want the government tracking how far i drive each week. maybe i would car pool instead. wait, good idea! less cars on the road, but less gas being used! less tax.

i think the law makers need to look at their spending habbits and less at taxing whenever they get in to a bind.

hey you?! get out of the fast lane!


Blogger STAR*BRIAN said...

If California is worried about getting money to fix roads, they can do the same idiotic thing the Eastcoast does and charge for the highways or freeways. Do they do this already?

7:31 PM


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