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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

U2 release at #1. a disappointment?

U2's new cd was released this week and is already doing some good numbers. early reports have it selling at around 750,000 to 1 million copies.

even with all of the apple i-pod related promotions and record company interscope slashing prices, the number still seems a bit low. now if i had a cd coming out and i got a sale like that, i would be over the moon. but, this is U2.

of course the album became "available" on the internet some 10 days before it's official release date. this with the constant push by the music industry to release the next big thing, and fan loyalty at a record low, surely hurt overall sales.

i for one do not agree with file sharing. i have made copies, mix cd's, for myself. i've even made a mix cd for a friend to discover a new band. but what i don't understand is what ever happened to breaking open the plastic cellophane and uncovering all of the goodies inside? a full hard drive is so less exciting.

i hope U2 does well with this album. i haven't heard it yet, but i hear it's good. U2 comes from an era where music meant something, not just a record company's bottom line.

as Bono once said, "at it's least, music is truth."


Blogger Miss Sara said...

Hey there, *B. Nice weblog. Do you mind if I post a link to yours on mine? (This is Sahara Green from Railway Zero.)

4:46 PM

Blogger blah said...

Have you ever heard Henry Rollin's skit about U2. I think its pretty funny, although I do like some U2 music.

4:06 PM

Anonymous starrynigt24 said...

I don't think it's right sharing files online. I love U2! They are a great band. Their lyrics show me that they care what they write. And I have been moved by many of their songs. I love buying cd's because I like having the pictures and liner notes.

9:55 PM


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