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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Twelve Rules of Christmas

with all of the attacks this year on christmas from schools, city officals, and elected officals, i did find this interesting.

schools around the country are eleminating christmas songs from plays and choral events, even instrumental songs! students and teachers are not allowed to wear clothing or jewelry that might promote the holiday, and even discussing christmas from a historical context is being frowned upon. and don't even consider inviting someone to your church to see a play or celebrate the holiday.

but the schools are wrong. for example.

1. christmas songs can be performed in school plays, as long as other religions are included.

2. students and teachers can wear clothing celebrating christmas, and schools can not prohibit it.

3. employers can not prohibit you from listening to christmas music or decorating your work space.

but i find this the most interesting. instead of saying "merry christmas", because it's obviously a religous endorsment, people have been encouraged to say "happy holidays". or in fact "happy HOLY DAYS."

you can find the full 12 rules of christmas here:


Blogger Miss Sara said...

Very interesting. Thanks for the link, *.

3:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. This is all very interesting. However, from a musical standpoint you should be able to perform songs as long as they have a 'historical' background as well. (And if you perform other holidays songs as you have pointed out!)

4:18 PM


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