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Friday, December 03, 2004

it's begining to look a lot like... something

it's that time of year again.

the days grow shorter, the air is cooler, decorations come out and twinkle lights seem to be everywhere you turn.

but, the baby jesus is no where to be found. that's right, more attacks on christmas. (yup, i did spell it out)

every year around the country, law makers and school officals find reasons why it's harmful or offensive to acknowledge christianity at the time where the major holiday being celebrated is the very one based on the birth of christ.

most other religions and new years are ok to celebrate, even with a gay santa! but, please leave the baby jesus at home.

but why? where's the real out cry? one person. one student. it's getting over the top. but there are some bright points in the christmas mess.

denver was trying to replace the traditional city and county building greeting from "merry christmas" to "happy holidays". thankfully residents began to rumble and the mayor wisely changed it back.

and in california.... new gov. ARNOLD, reversed gray davis' stupid "holiday" tree with a very positive "christmas" tree. would you argue with a guy who could bench press the capitol?! :)

the key is to have those of us who see the eroding of values and american culture happening all around us, to stop sitting back and letting it happen. these values we celebrate and values the country was founded on are not a religious endorsement, but rather an appreciation of our country's rich history. including the holidays we enjoy.

please pass the eggnog....


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hey. where in upstate are you from? im from the Utica area, central NY

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