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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

More Apathy, Please

There are some new polls out recently showing President Bush and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger seem to be dipping in their approval ratings. Schwarzenegger’s people are questioning the source for the poll, while the White House rarely comments about poll numbers.

Schwarzenegger was successful in winning the recall election, which saw the horrible Gray Davis removed from office. President Bush was reelected this last November by the largest number of any President. Why the dive?

Forget “Red State” or “Blue State”

I think the real reason for the number slide is that the American people, in general, just don’t care. There are some out there who never tune into the news and never even open a news paper. And usually they claim it’s because the news is too depressing.

The lawmakers are no different. Republicans are content with their majority and really aren’t getting much done. Democrats are worse. All they seem capable of is shooting down anything the Bush administration talks about and never come up with their own idea. But, look for a nasty battle when it’s time to appoint some new Judges to the Supreme Court.

Call it a State of Apathy. We care to not care. Complain, rather than act. Point our fingers at what’s wrong, but are not trying to do something right.

A good example; more people care that Britney Spears is pregnant, than care that Social Security’s slush fund is running out.

Oh, who cares……


Blogger Miss Sara said...

Good call, Brian.

2:57 PM

Blogger Dutchie* said...

oh Britney's pregnant!! ; ) kiddin..

That is sad to hear *B. Though i guess politics there are very different. But when people don't start to care about what is runnin their country is can ruin a country.

people here do care about politics. Too bad it's about legalizing ANYTHING! (So we are ruin it aswell..)
What are we heading for??

3:15 PM


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