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Thursday, November 11, 2004

pathetic parade

now that the dust has settled on election 2004 all of the pundints have come out of their corners swinging.

to say the "right" is gloating would be to understate their position. there's no question they are happy, but to keep saying "this time Bush won" almost discredits the last four years.

but the other side to this really gets me.

to keep saying that the american people have been duped is obsurd. in an election where the vote "mattered more than at any other time" more people came out to vote. and they did so for Bush. if Kerry had won, the spin would be that the get out the vote campains had worked. instead most of the major media seems shocked and down right sad.

insulting the american people, as heartland losers and that the coasts should become a seperate state, really makes me want to buy the major news paper or turn on a cale news channel other than fox news. ;)

the pathetic parade has begun. but, the american people have spoken. in a time when this country has forgotten what happened on 9/11, we are told that most of this country is dumb.



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